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Every item on our menu has a recipe that’s been passed down through our family for generations.
5/5 Stars
This is one of the best small businesses in Ewing and I am super excited that they have a TCNJ location now! I first found out about them through a Trenton Times article and have been a steady customer ever since. Their prices are unbeatable and the quality of the food is amazing. Seriously. I’m salivating just thinking about their home made chips, salsa, and those Fish Tacos are crazy good. Stop reading this, do yourself a favor, and order everything.
Ryan M.

Yelp, Ewing Location

5/5 Stars
The food was great and also the cashier ! We had an amazing time there! Everybody loved the food!! (Quesadillas with avocado is my favorite)!
Gabriela Shinya Abdul-Mesih

Google Plus, Ewing Location

5/5 Stars
This place makes me relive my childhood. Being raised in a Hispanic house hold I came accustomed to great food from all over Central and South America. This place isn’t just a Mexican place but a great place to taste fresh and delicious Latino food. The music is pretty funny because they would play modern Spanish music, but sometimes they would play stereotypical Spanish music (La Cucaracha) which is okay. The portion sizes are extreme and will leave you either extremely full, or leave you some to take home and enjoy at a later time. The people that work there are very friendly. Because this is served fresh it might take longer to get your food, but there is a huge sign stating that. If you like Mexican/Latino food you have to try this place. Like I said it remind me of my childhood.
Jon P.

Yelp, Hamilton Location

5/5 Stars
Great food and great taste. I found this place about a year ago. I have been to many other Mexican restaurants and none have matched Mexican Mariachi Grill in Hamilton. Finding good Mexican food in NJ has been a challenge. Being raised around great Authentic HOME Mexican Cooking from Mexico and SoCal makes it even harder because it is hard to replicate the flavors of home. I have tried almost everything on their Menu and have not been disappointed. This little whole in the wall has satisfied my taste buds, the service is great and polite to new and old customers. They remember you and make you part of there family.
Jose Rodriguez

Google Plus, Hamilton Location




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